New Music video “Lighthouse” dedicated to my great grandfather

I was chosen as an artist resident to visit Hungary and Romania, the homeland of some of my ancestors. On the journey, I met a local cinematographer and filmed “Lighthouse” with nearly no budget, shooting at the Salina Turda salt mine and St. Michael’s Gothic-style Roman Catholic church in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This project is dedicated to my great-grandfather, who died at an early age, from working in the mines. It’s because of him that I was able to grow up in America. He, and my great-grandmother, took the journey from Hungary to West Virginia to be a coal miner. My friend said – “he’s the coal miner and you’re the soul miner.”

Written, performed and directed by Quincy Davis Cinematography by Ion Marin Featuring Nafisaria and prod. by Strong Symphony, from the album “Remedy” available on Soundcloud:… and Bandcamp:… Follow Quincy: Official website: Ion Marin official website – #quincydavismusic #pdxmusic #nwhiphop #pdxhiphop #portlandhiphop #portlandmusic #salinaturda #evolutionofconsciousness

New music video in honor of a great teacher

Written and performed by Quincy Davis and Mic Crenshaw (music produced by Quincy Davis). Spoken word by John Trudell. Poem by Claudia Cuentas. Produced by 7G Creative. Cinematography by Megan Boaglio + Adam Lombaugh. Special thanks: Xochitl, Aaron + Turtle. Quincy Davis official website: Soundcloud: Instagram: Press & booking inquiries: Mic Crenshaw official website: Facebook: John Trudell’s spoken word is from the album: DNA: Descendant Now Ancestor:… This song is available for free download: And on Soundcloud:…

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Mixtape inspired by experiences of visiting youth lockdown facilities

I am a music producer / rap artist and educator based in Portland, Oregon who works as a songwriting teacher at Reynolds High School and guest speaker at schools and lockdown facilities. During a visit to a residential treatment program, I led a group of guys in a “freestyle” session – an art form of hip-hop culture where participants take turns engaging in improvisational rhyming. The aspiring emcees shed light on their dreams and the pain they were going through.

At the time, I was on a hiatus from writing lyrics after my first album release in 2013, and was inspired to return to the studio and start creating again. I related to what the youth shared during my visit, and reflected on my own struggles of growing up at that age without strong role models.

I just started writing. I didn’t know I still had this inside me. I realized these young people might connect with my story and relate it to their lives to make smarter choices earlier on than I did.

After three weeks of intensive writing and recording, what came about was Remedy, a 10-track mixtape that delves into my struggles and the choices I made to get out of a negative lifestyle of drugs and addiction. On the featured track, Be Brave, I reflects on past experiences of selling drugs and the action I took to break the cycle and start over, with a message to take responsibility and follow one’s dreams:

“Now that there’s no one to blame, my life aint the same, I just want to switch up this game, I just want to break out these chains, make my own name, gotta be brave, ’cuz this path isn’t paved.”

I committed to sobriety over six years ago and was profoundly influenced by the teachings of indigenous wisdom-keepers and earth-based ceremonies. These ways opened the door to healing and connection to the community, to help awaken my sense of purpose. I chose the name Remedy because music has been my soul’s medicine to transform negative energy of the past into manifesting a positive future.

Earlier this year, myself and two close friends, fellow hip-hop artists/educators, co- founded a youth and community-based non-profit organization called Cypher CURE, to carry on the tradition of freestyle cypher and provide youth with opportunities to develop their skills, receive mentorship for personal growth and engage in experiences in nature. You can check out more about our non-profit here:

For a limited time, Remedy is being offered for free to download. To get your free download, visit (select buy now, enter $0 and it will be sent via email).

Remedy mixtape (2016):



Youth music video, Free the People ✊

This past school year I taught a hip-hop songwriting and production class at Reynolds High School, with a non-profit org. called Latino Network. I worked with the students to create this music video, Free the People, featuring an elder from our community, Steve Llanes. We intended to create a vide that empowers youth, bridges cultures and connects youth and elders.

Also check out the behind the scenes video here featuring yours truly:

Feedback from the universe

Today I visited the Tillimook youth correctional facility as a guest artist / speaker with Obo Addy Legacy Project. I showed a few music videos and we engaged in dialogue about the subject matter and why I do what I do. The youth gave me feedback that was truly inspiring and keeps me going. Although I am confident at times, other times I have doubts as to whether if I should even be in this pursuit of building a career as a rap artist / producer. Feeling gratitude for these type of experiences that seem like a message from the universe saying, you’re on the right track and keep going 🙏

Some feedback that surprised me:

  • Been Listening to your music for a few years and am a fan. It stands out among Portland artists
  • Remember your name from hearing me on the NW breakout show (this was like 7 years ago, when I submitted a battle verse)
  • Wasn’t into hip-hop, because of all the ego stuff but now see it in a new light
  • After seeing the Flint music video, you’re my rapper above Eminem (because he knows me now, haha)

This reminds me that I never know how, when or where the music is going to connect with people. Also it’s good to remember that it’s just Great Spirit working through me and none of this is really “me” or “mine.” I love the quote, “take the work serous, not yourself.”

Cypher CURE

Here’s a glimpse into the org we’ve been creating called Cypher CURE. The circle is called the “cypher”, a term that was coined in NYC with the emergence of hip-hop culture, based on the number 0, which represents completion in supreme mathematics. At Cypher CURE we consider the circle a sacred container based on the principles of equality and respect. “CURE” is an acronym for “Creative Unity of Related Energy.”

Peep the first video 🔥🔥🔥🔥 

First ‪#‎cyphercure‬ workshop success! Freestyling and building with next gen. of talented emcees. Public showcase planned for spring. More info soon. For now, check out our mission / vision statement: www.cyphercure.orgquincy_cypherCURE1